Health Coaching


Health coaching

As a certified holistic health coach I see you as the whole person you are, noticing how all areas of your life affect your health for better or worse. I dedicate myself to guiding you along this journey to achieving optimal health, understanding your individual needs, and having a total love affair with real, nutritious food.  With compassion and complete confidence in you, I challenge you to take ownership of your health, ask difficult and rewarding questions, and actively pursue your ideal life.


One-On-one Coaching

Transforming your health will feel light and attainable as we meet for one hour, bi-weekly, to break down barriers keeping you from achieving your current and future health goals. You'll receive educational handouts pertaining to your personal needs and interests as well as session notes containing action steps to propel you forward each week. I will be available for ongoing support, encouraging and keeping you accountable. As you prioritize your health, you'll learn intuitive eating practices outside the realm of dieting, leading you to your healthiest, free-est self.

You currently have access to all the health information you'll ever need but... Information does not equal transformation. I'm here to help bridge that gap.


group coaching / classes

Be sure to check out the upcoming schedule for group coaching opportunities and classes. I enjoy speaking about various health related topics. If you live in the Indianpolis area, I'd love to see you in the near future.


additional services

The road to optimal health has many paths. Are you needing a fresh start to healthy eating? Someone to help you prepare healthy meals or navigate through health foods at the grocery store? Please take a look at these additional services available to support you in your health journey. Is there something else you need? Contact me with requests!