My story via podcast...

A few weeks ago I had the honor of sharing my story with Courtney Hollenbeck, Founder of The Invisible Crown.

When Courtney so generously offered me the opportunity to be interviewed for her podcast, I took it.  


Because it's not every day someone implies...
"Hey, I'm interested in learning more about you.  What about your past has shaped your present?  What do you dream for the future?"

Most of us are too busy with daily to-do's to have the desire or time to listen to another's story.  

Oftentimes we're so caught up in our own lives, we forget we're not alone in them.  

Nearly every time I listen to someone else's story, a part of it rings true for mine.  

Now this could be due to the fact that we are, as previously mentioned, continually caught up in our own lives.  So even when we are listening to others, we're still thinking about ourselves.  That might be true.

BUT there's also this...

Maybe we're not really as different as we think we are.  Maybe we're not alone in it.  Whatever "it" may be. 

Maybe we can help one another. 

I'd love for you to listen to my story sometime this week when you're on a walk, cooking dinner, taking a bath, driving to work, etc. because I believe in the power of acknowledging, owning, and sharing stories. 

I found peace and healing for myself around food, dieting, and body image by acknowledging and sharing the story I had written and held as truth for years.  

You can also find healing from your story by:

  1. Allowing it to come to the surface and be known.
  2. Giving yourself time to reflect and feel.
  3. Owning the role you've played in its development.
  4. Deciding whether or not it is has served you in the past, is now, or will ever in the future.
  5. Recognizing you can write a new one.
  6. Beginning your new story by sharing it with others.


What's your story?

  • Are you waiting on the weight loss to be truly happy?
  • Do you wish you'd chosen a different career?
  • Do you desire a healthier lifestyle but don't know where to start?
  • Are you tired of feeling lonely?
  • Have you been counting calories for the last decade and forgotten what it's like to eat intuitively?
  • Are you fearful that if you don't make changes now, you'll regret it later?

Whatever it is, acknowledge it. Write it down.  Tell a friend.  You can tell me if you'd like.

In fact, I'd be grateful if you did as it would help me offer more valuable information to this rendezfamily.

If you're up for sharing and starting your own journey towards healing and wellness, email, comment below, or take the leap and rendezYOU with me.  Seriously, I'd be over the moon.

With love, 




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