Hi, I'm Kylee.

For years I was frustrated with how my body looked and felt. Chronically dieting to alter the outside, I was oblivious to what was going on inside. Everything changed when I decided to "hold the diet", which quieted my weight-loss noise enough for me to listen in and hear what I really needed to be healthy. I began to rendezvous with food, quickly falling in love with the nutrients my body deserved.

When it comes to food & health, I believe…

Food has a PURPOSE.

  • It provides nourishment and energy.
  • It has the power to heal and protect.
  • What we eat every day is important.
  • The best food is clean, whole, REAL food.
  • Food that works for YOUR body, may not work for mine.

Our bodies are BRILLIANT.

  • They deserve our love and support.
  • We can learn what we need by seeing symptoms as signals directing to the root cause.

We should all STOP “dieting” forever.

  • Our bodies know what to eat to get healthy.
  • Intuitive eating begins with QUIETING the diet-obsessed cultural noise & LISTENING to what your body needs.
  • Cravings are CLUES.
  • Strive to enjoy healthy food; you won’t eat it if you don’t love it.

Health is HOLISTIC.

  • Emotions, relationships, careers, spirituality, stress… it ALL matters.
  • A WHOLE you equals a FREE you.
  • Everything is interconnected; we are one body, mind and soul.

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