Hi, I'm Kylee.

For years I was frustrated with how my body looked and felt. Chronically dieting to change how my body looked on the outside, I was completely oblivious to what was going on inside. Everything changed when I decided to "hold the diet". I finally understood my body and quickly fell in love with the nutrients it deserved. It was a sort of rendezvous with food.

When it comes to food & health, I believe…

Food has a PURPOSE. It provides nourishment and energy. It has the power to heal and protect. What we eat every day is important. The best food is clean, whole, REAL food. Food that works for YOUR body, may not work for mine.

Our bodies are BRILLIANT. They deserve the best. We need to love and support them. Symptoms are signals and clues.

We should all STOP “dieting” forever. Your body knows what to eat to get healthy. Intuitive eating begins with QUIETING the diet-obsessed cultural noise & LISTENING to what your body needs. Cravings are CLUES. You won’t eat it if you don’t love it.

Health is HOLISTIC. Emotions, relationships, careers, spirituality, stress… it ALL matters. A WHOLE you equals a FREE you. Everything is interconnected.

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